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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope it gives you an idea of what I do and what I’m up to. As well as the latest news about my books, I attempt the occasional blog when I think there might be something vaguely interesting to say, which, as my family are quick to point out, isn’t very often.

Though most of my output so far has been the Scandinavian-based Malmö Mysteries series, it has never been my intention to stick to one area of crime. That’s why I brought out Sweet Smell of Murder, a historical crime novel featuring a feckless hero, Jack Flyford, who couldn’t be further away from Anita Sundström. However, Anita continued with her fourth mystery, Midnight in Malmö, and a Christmas novella, A Malmö Midwinter.  I’m currently writing Menace in Malmö, which will probably appear at the very beginning of next year.

Sound, too

The first four MalmöMysteries are also available as audio books through American specialists, Tantor Media.  They can be found on Amazon and Nook.

Brief Biography

I was born in Edinburgh and brought up in the north east of England. After a brief spell as a teacher in Worcestershire, I worked in advertising agencies in Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle; since 2000 I have been a freelance writer. I live in Cumbria with my wife, Susan and two totally unproductive hens. We also have two sons and four grandchildren.








 Book 3 Cover - Missing in Malmö


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Malmö Mysteries

The Swedish Connection

The Turning Torso in Malmö

The Turning Torso in Malmö

I’ve been visiting Sweden regularly since 2000 as my elder son lives there. For a great deal of that time, his home has been in Malmö.  Through him I met a couple of police detectives, who have become firm friends. They helped to inspire me. Interestingly, both have worked out of the Ystad police station, which is where Henning Mankell set his popular Kurt Wallander novels.  Originally, Meet me in Malmö was based on an idea I had in 2001 for a film script – long before I realised that Sweden was a hotbed of crime fiction. Later, I decided to turn it into a novel.

Having subsequently read a number of Scandinavian crime novels, in which the authors, of course, already assume their readers have a certain degree of local knowledge and cultural understanding, I thought it would be a different approach to introduce my Swedish detective, and Malmö itself, through the eyes of a British character – an outsider who sees Sweden from another perspective.


Book 1 Cover - Meet Me in Malmö

A British journalist is invited to Malmö to interview an old university friend who is now one of Sweden’s leading film directors.  When he discovers the director’s glamorous film star wife dead in her apartment, the Skåne County Police are called in to solve the high-profile case.

Among the investigating team is Inspector Anita Sundström, who soon finds the list of suspects growing.  As Anita battles to discover the answers amid the antagonism of some of her colleagues, she even begins to think that the person she is becoming attracted to could be the murderer.

Meet me in Malmö is the first Anita Sundström Malmö mystery.

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Book 2 Cover - Murder in MalmöA gunman is loose in Malmö and he’s targeting immigrants. The charismatic head of an advertising agency is found dead in his shower. Inspector Anita Sundström wants to be involved in the murder investigations, but she is being sidelined by her antagonistic boss. She is assigned to find a stolen painting by a once-fashionable artist, as well as being lumbered with a new trainee assistant. She also has a lot to do to restore her professional reputation after a deadly mix-up in a previous high-profile case.  Then another prominent Malmö businessman is found murdered and Sundström finds herself back in the action and facing new dangers in the second Anita Sundström Malmö mystery.

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Book 3 Cover - Missing in MalmöWhen a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malmö, Inspector Anita Sundström doesn’t want to get entangled in a simple missing persons case.  She shows a similar reluctance when her ex-husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared. But when the mysteries take a sinister turn, Sundström finds herself inextricably involved in both baffling affairs, one of which seems to be connected to a robbery that took place twenty years earlier.  As the cases begin to unravel, tragedy awaits the investigating team in the third Anita Sundström Malmö mystery.

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 MIDNIGHT cover (SMALL)When a woman is stabbed to death while jogging in Malmö’s main park, the Criminal  Investigation Squad need to discover who she is before the case can properly get under way. Soon they realise the victim had flown in from Switzerland, and with links to important people in the city, she wasn’t everything she seemed.

Meanwhile, enjoying the hot summer away from Malmö, Anita Sundström is on her annual leave and is showing Kevin Ash the sights of Skåne. Their holiday is interrupted by the apparent suicide of a respected, retired diplomat. After a further death, Anita finds herself unofficially investigating a case that has its roots in the 1917 chance meeting of a Malmö waiter with the world’s most famous revolutionary. All she knows is that the answers lie in Berlin.

Two investigations that begin and end at Midnight in Malmö – the fourth Inspector Anita Sundström mystery.

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Inspector Anita Sundström is called away from Christmas with her mother to help investigate a domestic death. Her initial relief at escaping a dull festive season soon fades when she and sidekick, Hakim Mirza, find themselves dealing with a difficult case involving the murder of an unloved father and disliked neighbour. Though suspects and motives abound, they are having difficulty identifying the murder weapon. Has the killing something to do with the victim’s past, or is the reason closer to home? It’s not the Christmas Anita was anticipating, nor the conclusion she was expecting.








Historical Crime


Georgian Misadventures

Jack Flyford is a new character who stumbles on to the stage in the fading years of the reign of George II.  It is a fertile period in which to set a series.  The early Georgian period was a time of huge change and one we might recognise ourselves.  It was the first great consumer age: fashion was at the forefront, satirists and writers were mocking the politicians of the day, actors and musicians were becoming stellar celebrities, extraordinary new buildings were springing up everywhere, crime was rife – and our soldiers were spread around the globe in numerous areas of conflict.  It’s in this extraordinary world that the likeable yet vain, gullible and cowardly Flyford has to sink or swim.  It’s usually the former.



Historical Crime - Sweet Smell of Murder


Young actor Jack Flyford, whose two priorities are sex and survival, finds himself in the affluent Newcastle of 1757 after fleeing Edinburgh to escape a raging, cuckolded cleric. In a Georgian Britain dangerously involved in a global war with France, Jack thinks he has found sanctuary on Tyneside, where he is taken in by the unpopular manager of the local theatre after spinning a mythical yarn about his close “friendship” with the great thespian, David Garrick.

Within days, he finds himself caught between the town’s two rival theatre managers (each backed by different commercial interests), but discovers solace in the arms of his employer’s daughter, Bessie, who has a penchant for men wearing military wigs in bed. Things soon go wrong. Facing banishment from Newcastle, his fortunes sink further when his employer is found murdered. Though his first instinct is to make a bolt for it, Bessie uses her feminine wiles to persuade a reluctant Jack to track down the perpetrator.

In his bungling attempts to find the killer, Jack is plunged into a world of blackmail, power struggles, hired ruffians, suspicious lawmen and unscrupulous spies – and is constantly haunted by his Garrick lie. Could the very fate of Britain lie in his quivering hands? The whole experience is the sort of nightmare from which the feckless Flyford would normally run a mile, but life isn’t that simple.

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