There’s an exciting crime writer who is putting Mexico on the map – to be more precise, Acapulco.  The talented Carmen Amato has brought crime readers the only female detective in Acapulco, Emilia Cruz, who not only battles with squadroom machismo, but also the murky world of Mexican politics, drug wars, kidnaps and police corruption.  And Carmen, originally from New York, is well qualified to shine a spotlight on this seething society as she has spent a great deal of time in Mexico and Central America.

Detective Emilia Cruz burst onto the crime scene in Cliff Diver.  Now the fifth book in the dynamic series has just come out – Pacific Reaper.  The series is now being optioned for television.  If you aren’t already familiar with Emilia Cruz, I suggest you add Carmen Amato to your reading list.  You’ll find out more at:

Carmen also writes a popular blog and the Mystery Ahead newsletter.  She thought that her readers might be interested in the Scandi crime scene and the Malmö Mysteries.  The result of our chat will appear on her blog around April 21st and in Mystery Ahead on April 23rd